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3 Ways To Define Going Natural

Natural : existing in or formed by nature  There seems to be some disagreement and even an issue of debate among Black women when it comes to defining or explaining the meaning of the catch phrase 


Keraplex Review Part 2

4 out of 5

After initially being very skeptical about trying the Keraplex strengthening complex I decided that a good time to put it to the test would in the heat of summer weather.

Keraplex thermal smoothing

Review: Keraplex Thermal Smoothing

3.5 out of 5

WHAT IT IS:  A keratin strengthening complex  for frizzy, curly and or kinky-curly hair textures  WHAT IT DOES:  After a 4 step treatment process it creates long-lasting straight, healthy hair without

Well groomed man

5 Men’s Grooming Must Haves

  Ladies-  if your man is a bit out of control , his hair that is.. then get that unruly  hair of his back in order with these men’s grooming products for whatever the situation.

Spring Tip Curling iron

10 Great Heat Styling Protection Sprays

 Whether you want to maintain a frizz-free sleek look, go from curly to pin straight or make some waves be sure to use a heat protection spray to add a barrier of protection from the heat of thermal s

Beauty supply store front

Beauty Supply Store Quick Guide

Where To Shop For Beauty Supplies I prepared this comparison chart detailing the points mentioned in my previous post about good places to buy hair products           &nb

Rihanna at the AMA's

Is Rihanna’s Hairstylist On Strike?

So I’m thinking there are only a couple explanations for Rihanna‘s hairdo being a major “hair don’t”  at the  2013 American Music Awards last night:  Maybe Rihanna’

BB Styling Lotion

Hairstyle Tip: Blow Dry Lotion

One of my favorite products I use to achieve great blow out styles for Fox5 traffic reporter @Ines Rosales is Bumble & Bumble’s Styling Lotion.

One thing I love about my kinky curly afro hair is that even on a warm but windy, rainy morning like today in the northeast, I didn’t worrying about messing up my hairdo.

Calling all you beauty product junkies. What was your most recent hair product purchase, and about how much did you spend? I would love to know. Please share with me by posting in the comments.

[aside] When women actually have the most absolutely perfectly stunning head of hair they tend to see someone else’s hair and think it’s the perfect head of hair and then they feel like th

Beyonce instagrm haircut

Why I Think Beyonce Did The Big Chop

Literally, the first thing I said when a friend mentioned to me “breaking news, Beyonce cut her hair”  I immediately replied ” What’s the big deal when she wears wigs most of t