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Emmy Award winning hairstylist Daria Wright is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Hairdo Daily.com

“Through out my career as a hairstylist my clientele has come to rely on me as the trusted source  for hair advice.  I’ve developed a loyal following of  African-American women based on the  practical hair care advice I’ve offered through out my career.

I decided  to bring my knowledge of and passion for all things related to hair online where I could share my appreciation for the culture surrounding African- American hair style with other ethnic hair enthusiasts. ”  

Daria shares her exclusive insider information and the latest hair tips, tricks and trends.  The site features hair care advice,  information articles, product reviews and video tutorials all specifically for the care and styling of  afro-curly kinky hair textures.

Whether you have curly hair or want to know how to style ethnic hair,  ask the expert Daria Wright.  She knows hair.







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