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About Us

Hairdo Daily is an online magazine website geared toward the hairstyle culture of African-American women.


  • Educate the reader about African American hair care and culture
  • Highlight the  role hair has played and continues to play in history and society  from pop culture to politics
  • Express  opinions and views common to ethnic hair culture


  •  Discover, share and review  products, goods and services
  • Provide expert  hair advice  specific to black women
  • Create community and forums  for  sharing  hairstyle  information, experiences and opinions
  • Report  news and trends in hair care and fashion.  African-American women reportedly spend a significant amount of  money and time on hair products, goods and services

[quote]In my career I work with women from various ethnicities and hair types.  Within every racial group hair textures are as varied as skin complexions.  Skin color or race does not automatically define hair texture. There are many exceptions to the so-called  “hair rules “.    And from culture to culture there are very different customs and practices in hair care and styling methods.[/quote]

HairdoDaily.com  founder and Editor-in Chief,  Daria Wright  is an Emmy Award winning hairstylist and licensed cosmetologist with 15+ years of experience.




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